Government research partnership

The client is a public body responsible for providing funding for science and research in the UK. There are currently seven Councils, each with unique business models, structures, processes and IT, and autonomous decision-making bodies.

In line with the transformational government agenda, the Councils were tasked with transforming their back-office activities (HR, Finance, Procurement, IT) and Alsbridge was the strategic partner in the creation of a shared services entity and transforming the role of the retained elements of each function.
The project had the following overarching objectives:
  • Deliver harmonised administrative capability across all Councils by the end of 2009
  • There must be realisable net efficiency savings from the initial implementation, the FBC showed expected savings over 10 years of:
    –      £39m in staff savings
    –      £6.6m from system cost reductions
    –      £400 – 500m in reduced procurement costs
    –      the risks of implementation must be managed to an acceptable level
  • The project team must manage the expectations of key stakeholders including employees, researchers and administrative employees, and gain acceptance of new ways of working
How Alsbridge helped
Specific benefits attributable to the involvement of Alsbridge include: standard process designs for finance, procurement, HR and grants administration processes; a set of migration plans which has been agreed with each Councils in respect to rolling out the new systems and migrating services to the SSC; full stakeholder engagement and sign-off of the Full Business Case; a smooth procurement process for the selection and appointment of the systems integration partner.
Development of a robust and repeatable transition approach to rolling out the new systems and migrating services to the SSC; management of the initial transition of services. The clients Shared Service Centre successfully commenced delivery of services in May 2008.
"Our shared services programme is one of the most ambitious of its kind in the public sector. The alliance formed with Alsbridge, who have been our Delivery Partners throughout this programme, has been a steady guiding force. Their collaborative approach has helped my team come together effectively and created an effective level of engagement with the seven Councils (our customers). Securing consensus in the public sector is always a challenge and the bar for approval set high. With the support and guidance from Alsbridge, we developed the strategic business case, detailed solution design and secured approval for the Full Business Case. Now that we are moving into the critical implementation phase, the Alsbridge expertise should prove invaluable."
Programme Director