Central government

Alsbridge was a core strategic partner in the UK Government's shared service transformation programme. Alsbridge experts helped to shape strategy, develop methodologies and best practise, and support a wide range of government shared service programmes within this Central Government Unit’s Shared Service Team.
Without a pan-government approach, the promise of shared services in the public sector is unlikely to be realised. A new shared services approach across the UK public sector is required to:

  • Optimise the ability of the government to share services
  • Maximise the government’s return on investment in shared services
  • Secure and build on the shared service efficiency gains targeted in SR04
To deliver this transformation, the eGovernment Unit set up a team to act as a ‘change agent’ across the public sector. The Government CIO, selected Alsbridge as a strategic partner to contribute to this team of experts.

Since its inception in February 2005, Alsbridge was a key participant in the Shared Services Team providing guidance at the highest levels, plus critical input to a number of key projects. This included:
  • Strategy formulation - defining a business plan and operating model for the Shared Services Team
  • Pathfinder projects - delivery of strategically significant projects to assist ongoing shared services programmes
  • Common solution design - development of a standard solution blueprint for public sector shared services
  • Running Special Interest Groups - forums for public sector practitioners to discuss and learn about key delivery issues such as benchmarking and SLAs 
Our expert input means that the strategy and approach of the Shared Services Team is robust and validated against best practise. This is providing a sound basis for the long term development of the shared services agenda in government.

“Alsbridge has been involved in the Shared Services team since its inception, performing a number of roles, varying from strategy-development and thought-leadership to hands-on expert input in ‘live’ shared services projects. The quality and experience of their staff, and their deep specialist knowledge have made them and invaluable component of my team. They have been, and will remain, a key partner in the delivery of the UK Government shared services and BPO agenda.”
Director of Shared Services for Government