Major telecoms supplier

Following the successful consolidation of a major contact-centre outsourcing deal, this major Telecoms supplier identified opportunities to outsource additional functions amounting to several hundred FTEs’ worth of work.
However, decisions on the feasibility of the outsourcing and on the selection of the preferred supplier had to be made in four weeks if meaningful savings were to be realised before the end of the financial year.

Alsbridge were asked to assist the client in obtaining competitive bids from 2 major outsourcing suppliers (Accenture and IBM) in an accelerated timeframe of only 4 weeks. The overall objective was to offshore finance and administration roles to reduce costs and improve service.
With little time and data available, a traditional RFP approach to supplier selection was not a viable option. Instead, the Alsbridge team developed an innovative, collaborative, workshop based process, whereby data was shared with the suppliers as it became available, and the solution and deal were developed interactively by the suppliers, the client and Alsbridge.
This accelerated supplier selection process fully engaged both the client and the suppliers despite the obstacles of time. This success demonstrates that with collaboration and commitment, speed can be achieved without losing rigour.
Key outcomes of Alsbridge’s engagement on this project are:
Decision made within time constraints
20% business case savings through competitive selection of the supplier
Projected cost savings of many millions across 5 year deal
Design of the solution left to the market
Full involvement and buy-in of client executives
Confidence and satisfaction that the right decision was made

The Alsbridge team started as they meant to go on. They responded quickly to our request for support, they fielded exactly the right people and these people were unremitting in driving the agenda. Pace was maintained but with a pragmatic and robust approach. Alsbridge people are professional, knowledgeable, straightforward and capable. Infact, just the qualities needed to meet the challenges they were presented with. Without Alsbridge, we would still be managing a selection process now.
Director of Sourcing