Top Law Firm


This major Law Firm had been approached by a number of suppliers. They wished to get an objective view of the potential for outsourcing. They also saw needs to improve the operation of their Business Support functions to provide better support to fee earners in areas such as IT support, HR self-service and Information Services.
To support a client team who were evaluating models for sourcing Business Support functions including Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Risk Management and Information Services
  • Review current processes. Facilitate client management in the collection of FTE deployment
  • Run a workshop to review maturity of current processes and sourcing market trends in relevant Business Service areas
  • Advise on sourcing scope, and alternative sourcing approaches
  • Review supplier landscape and advice on procurement strategy
  • Propose a to-be sourcing model and run a workshop to validate
  • Develop a business case for the preferred option
  • Clarity on scope and optimal to-be model
  • Identification of areas for potential process improvement ,and how sourcing could support such improvements
  • Business case for preferred option, and route map from its implementation
  • Identification of potential suppliers and proposals regarding their short-listing