Global investment bank


One of the largest banks in the world, our client’s investment bank and asset management business operate throughout Europe with additional markets in the Pacific Rim and the Americas. It offers the full range of financial products and services for corporate and institutional clients as well as private and business clients.

Our client wished to optimise the effectiveness of the relationship between their captive SSCs, (located in Mumbai and Manila), and the onshore recipients of services. Alsbridge was asked to design a training course on the theme of “Make Shared Services Work” (MSSW) to improve clarity and enhance connectivity / communication across finance.
Alsbridge identified the main issues that needed to be addressed and a framework for MSSW was designed and a training course developed that would enable onshore Finance and SSC to:
  • Develop a common understanding of SSC principles
  • Develop a common skill set, toolset, and mindset around service management and delivery
  • Develop a full understanding of obligations on both sides
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of current service delivery and develop responses to address the issues.
The training programme was delivered by Alsbridge through a series of 2 day workshops in locations around the world that brought together both onshore Finance and SSC teams.
The workshops were very well received and have demonstrably helped increase the effectiveness of the relationship between the centres.